In my day job, I’m a software developer. I’ve spoken at tech events across North America and Europe for over 30 years. Now I’m taking what I’ve learned there and am using it to help writers to be both better authors and speakers. I’m happy to present at your writing group, seminar, or conference. I’m available for both in-person and online classes. 

Write Crime Right

Movies and television are rarely accurate when depicting crime investigations. As authors, we owe it to our readers to get the facts straight. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to keep things accurate, but still allow for some literary creativity. Topics covered include: guns and other weapons, police department organization, medical examiner vs. coroner, forensics, SWAT, and more.

One hour

The Introverted Writer

It’s said that writers are loners…introverted, but there are times we need to interact with others. In this class, you’ll learn what science has discovered about the brain of an introvert. And you’ll get tools to help you manage the anxiety of being with and talking to others. We’ll talk about book signings, readings, groups, conference attendance, and more.
One hour