Review: The Rat Began to Gnaw the Rope

Attorney Gil Henry gets a call to help a woman sell some stock. He’s not exactly the right person to do this, but he helps anyway. And that’s when trouble starts. His car tire is shot out. The man trying to buy the stock is shot to death. His client’s adopted brother is arrested for the murder. The wife of the stock buyer dies suddenly. The neighbor across the street is killed. Along the line, Gil is thrown off the case by his boss, he’s beat up…multiple times, he’s shot. Can Gil solve the murders? This was the first mystery published by C. W. Grafton. Written in 1943, it’s a look into the world in the middle of World War II. The language is rough, indicative of the time. And it’s a top-notch mystery. This book is also considered one of the earliest examples of putting humor into a mystery. Oh, and in case you recognize the name Grafton, C. W. was the father of Sue Grafton.

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