Review: The Chestnut Man

The Chestnut Man: A Novel by [Soren Sveistrup]

Naia Thulin is ready to leave the Major Case squad in Denmark for a new position with the cybercrimes unit, NC3. But when she’s suddenly paired with Hess, a screw-up from Europol in the Hague who has been sent back to Denmark, she can’t wait to get out. They are soon assigned to investigate a series of kidnappings a gruesome murder where a woman had her hands cut off with a saw. A single clue is left behind, a doll made out of chestnuts…a chestnut man. But this clue is more strange as it has the fingerprint of a girl who had been kidnapped and assume killed (a man confessed) a year ago. The girl was the daughter of government minister Rosa Hartung. The killings become more gruesome and more of the girl’s fingerprints keep turning up. Police leaders state it’s coincidence and the girl is dead but something keeps bothering Thulin and Hess.

In his debut novel, Søren Sveistrup has put together a masterpiece procedural. Gripping, intense, complex, spooky, thrilling, The Chestnut Man is a absolute must read. This may be the best book I’ve read all year.

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