Review: The Counterfeit Connection

Tony Flaner is one unlucky private investigator. Everything he touches seems to go bad…or get worse. Yet, he somehow manages to solve the crime anyway.

This the fourth (fifth if you count a novella) installment from Johnny Worthen, Tony is up to his eyeballs in cases. He gets four in one night. This time, he’s closer to home in Park City. Which is a welcome location as it gets him out of the awful air of Salt Lake City’s winter inversion.

He’s also up against people planning a coup in a Southeast Asian country and people who aren’t who they seem to be. A rival PI that has it out for Tony doesn’t help either. And, as you would expect, Tony figures he’s lost his girlfriend. Again.

This book is full of the wit and sarcasm we expect from Tony. Does he solve the crime. And the crime. And the crime. And the crime. (I told you, four cases.) Does he get the girl?

If you’re looking for a light and funny summer read, The Counterfeit Connection is a sure hit. Four stars.

Disclaimer: I was provided with an early access copy of the book.

The Counterfeit Connection: A Tony Flaner Mystery by [Johnny Worthen]

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