Review: In the Wake of Captain Lord

Tony Flaner is a slacker. He can’t hold a job. He lost his wife. He didn’t even tell his girlfriend he was going on an Alaska cruise. Will he lose her too? That’s just one question in the third novel of Worthen’s Tony Flaner series.


Yes, Tony is off on an Alaska cruise with his stand-up comedian friends. But because this is a murder mystery, people die. And because they are at sea, Tony is the man to try to solve it. There are several story lines going on, several suspects, and lots of clues. Worthen does a fantastic job weaving these all together and keeps you guessing. Yes, I was surprised at the end. Tony’s signature humor is still here. Tony’s group of quirky friends are here too. It all adds up to the best Tony Flaner story yet.

And I won’t tell you if Tony loses his girlfriend. No spoilers here.

Note: I was provided an advanced copy of this book by the author.

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