It’s Conference Season!

I love going to conferences. The energy I bring back to keep writing is wonderful. But my favorite part is meeting old friends and making new ones. I’m hitting up lots of conferences this year. A complete list is here.

One in particular has me excited. It’s the Snake River Writers Conference in Idaho Falls, ID. Yes, it’s a small town and a small conference, but I will be speaking! I have a brand new presentation, Write Crime Right. Here’s what it’s about:

Movies and television are rarely accurate when depicting crime investigations. As authors, we owe it to our readers to get the facts straight. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to keep things accurate, but still allow for some literary creativity. Topics covered include: guns and other weapons, police department organization, medical examiner vs. coroner, forensics, SWAT, and more.

Snake River Writers Conference is September 25-26 and is only $99. Registration opens April 15. I hope to see you there.

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