More Advice for Podcasters

Back in October, 2018, I blogged Improve Your Podcast. I suggest you go back and read it. I’ll wait while you do. Now, here we are in January, 2020 and I have some additional recommendations to make your podcast better.

I’ve recently been sampling some crime/mystery fiction podcasts. Some (This was an issue with at least three I sampled) have great content but the sound is so bad, I can’t listen to them. The issue isn’t that the entire podcast is bad, it’s that the podcast has either two hosts or a host and a guest. The sound level on one person is fine, but on the other, it’s so low, I can’t hear what is being said.

Many centuries ago, I was a disk jockey at several commercial radio stations. I learned all about how different inputs have different sound levels. Setting the input volume the same on each of them isn’t enough. It’s the volume that is output from your control board that counts. This one here is very similar to one I used. I could set all the knobs at say, six, but that would not guarantee the sound that came from each input would be the same.

What you need to do is watch the VU meter. The VU stands for Volume Units. The VU meter shows you the sound level of the output. The louder the input, the further to the right the needle will go. You want the sound to be as close to the red line without going into the red line. To have the sound be consistent for all inputs, some will need to have the input volume set at say four while another will need it at eight.

It isn’t enough to have good content in your podcast, you also need good production values. So, if your podcast is one I sampled and you have volume issues, I’ll give you some time to fix them, then I’ll sample it again. If you still have problems, I won’t come back.

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