Review: The Ninja Daughter

Lily Wong has secrets. The child of a Chinese woman and an American man with Scandinavian ancestry, she learned Japanese ninja skills as a child. She also hasn’t told them about her job protecting women and children for a shelter.

When her latest charge pulls her into a murder investigation, she ends up involved with the Ukranian and Korean mafias, witnesses the murder to two Korean mobsters, is captured and tortured, and almost gets killed herself.

The Ninja Daughter, the debut novel from Tori Eldridge, is a wild suspense and mystery ride, full of suspense and intrigue. You will wonder what’s next for Lily. My only issue is that Lily, whose sister was killed, assumes that all men are after one thing. This is brought out more than once in the story and in a way that left me feeling the author feels the same way. (Note: I’ve met Tori and did not get the sense that she feels this way.)

If you’re looking for a quick read, full of suspense and intrigue, I highly recommend The Ninja Daughter. I look forward to Lily’s next adventure. (4/5 stars)

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