Writers sometimes get to make up new words. It’s quite fun. Trust me. In this case, Un-introvert-able, is the name of my new class specifically for writers.

Here’s the synopsis:

Writers are often introverts. And sometimes without preparation you need to say something in public. But fear takes over and you say nothing. In this class, I take what I’ve learned from teaching software developers how to be better speakers and apply it to impromptu speaking for writers.

Topics that are covered:

  • How the introvert’s mind works
  • Overcoming fear
  • Preparing for the impromptu moment
  • The verbal story pitch
  • Asking questions at conferences and seminar
  • Readings and book launches

Class: 1 hour. Lecture style. Some class participation.

If you’re interested in having me present this class at your writer’s group or conference, contact me.

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