Camp Nanowrimo

Every year in November, an online challenge takes place. Thousands join in an attempt to write the first draft to a manuscript in a month. It’s a tough challenge as the minimum word count is 80,000 for a novel. If you figure 300 words a page, that works out to 2,666 words a day. That may be easy for a full-time author. That’s not easy for someone like me that writes part time.

But this isn’t November. It’s July. And Camp Nanowrimo is in full swing. Camp Nanowrimo is different in that you set your own goal and work towards that. With three chapters of DEATH AND PAIN completed, I’ve committed to writing 500 words a day, about 1 2/3  pages, or 15,300 words for the month. That should be enough of a challenge that I can meet the goal. And if I can’t write one night, I can easily catch up. It should also vault me forward in getting the first draft completed.

After two days, how am I doing? Pretty good. July 1 I wrote 559 words. July 2 was 761. That’s a total of 1321 or average of about 660 words per day. I know it’s only two days in, but so far, so good.

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