It was a dark and stormy night…

And so it begins. Not with a cliche, but by jumping in with both feet. OK, it was cliche. I have written non-fiction for years. Published two books and numerous magazine articles. But it’s time to try my hand a fiction. My chosen genre will give me a good challenge: murder mystery.

But my story doesn’t begin today, but rather last November when my partner, Laurie Heath wrote her first manuscript for Nanowrimo and finished it, thus being a Nanowrimo winner. That encouraged and challenged me personally. I bought a stack of books on how to write fiction: character and plot development, dialog, and so on. I bought another stack on things a mystery writer should know: police procedure, forensics, etc. I bought a stack of mystery novels. And then another stack. I read as much as I could as research.

While I was reading, I began sketching out characters, plot ideas, twists, and red herrings. All the things that make a murder mystery what it is. I have a title in mind but I’ll keep it secret until a good part of the writing is done.

My next step is to sketch out the first six or seven chapters over the next couple of months then to write those chapters in the thirty days after that.

So, why am I writing here? I’ll keep you posted along the way so you’ll see the progress. Not just of the book, but me as a fiction writer. I may bounce ideas off you or give you glimpses into the story itself. What I won’t is reveal the murderer.

So come along for the ride. It will be a lot of fun and should I be successful and land a publisher, you’ll be able to say, “I was there in the beginning, on that dark and stormy night.”

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